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We hire the brightest minds in the world to tackle some of the biggest questions in finance.

We pair this expertise with machine learning, big data, and some of the most advanced technology available to predict movements in financial markets.

About us


Quantitative Research

Use the latest scientific techniques and advanced data analysis to predict the future of financial markets

Machine Learning

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Quantitative Engineering

Design and build real-time systems to execute our research

Software Engineering

Design and build performance-critical trading platforms

Infrastructure Engineering

Provide a core infrastructure that processes phenomenal amounts of data

Cyber Security

Use pioneering techniques to predict, and protect us from, attacks

Technology Innovation and Open Source

Identify, test, and implement the latest innovations and open source solutions

Business Management

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How one G-Research employee is helping the Royal Society model the spread of COVID-19 In favour of recursive functions, not imperative constructs, to make loops A day in the life of a QPO Engineer Developing a custom Rider IDE plug-in for our symbol reference finder Overcoming the need to be useful
What our employees say about working at G-Research
泡泡加速器_吃鸡加速器_网游加速器 -「泡泡加速器官网」:2021-5-7 · 泡泡加速器是绝地求生加速器/ 吃鸡加速器,是专业为外服网游设计的网游加速器。泡泡加速器采用云智能加速技术,傻瓜式优化压榨电脑性能,按小时计费,方便快捷,畅玩到爽!登陆官网下载即可 ... Leon Quantitative Research
"My favourite part of working for G-Research is the great working relationship we have with the people we write software for." Samantha Software Engineering
"The technology we have at our disposal is what makes the role for me and there’s nowhere I’d rather be." Neil Technology


Want to be part of a leading quantitative research and technology company? Great – we’re hiring. We have a wide range of roles, find the best fit for you here.

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